If you’re hoping to arrive in the United States or stay here to continue your education, you can be confident that the Godzina Law supports your goals 100%. We understand your ambition, and we will help you protect your legal status in pursuit of it. 

Some of the employment immigration services we provide in Houston include: 

  • Temporary Work Visas 
  • H-1B 
  • L-1A 
  • Employment Petitions 
  • Green Card/Legal Permanent Resident 
  • Court & Consular Representation 
  • National Interest Waivers 

How can a Houston immigration lawyer help?

International students who want to attend one of Houston’s colleges or universities will require a visa to do so. Godzina Law understands the complex requirements surrounding the education visa system, and our experienced attorneys can help guide you successfully.

We will work hard to help you obtain the correct documents for your student visa, and assist you personally with any other issues that arise during this process.

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