In 2016, we had an idea to pursue a different kind of law firm.

We wanted to remove the mystery from the immigration process, and we wanted to listen more than talk.  Out of that initial idea, Godzina Law Firm, PLLC was founded.  We have a deep reservoir of experience from which to draw, and we use that experience to our client’s best advantage.  However, we know that there is not a one-size-fits-all kind of solution in immigration matters.  Many cases involve the complex history of past petitions and other processes that might have been abandoned or whose outcomes are unknown.  We take the time to listen to each client, evaluate every situation, and proceed with the knowledge that we are pursuing the best course for the specific situation.

Why Choose Us:

At Godzina Law, we are committed to each client and want to take part in finding solutions. Many immigration problems involve finding out about what has gone on in the past, and we identify those situations in order to order records from the appropriate government agency. We also know that plans and life situations change. We are nimble enough to evaluate new options as new developments arise, such as employer changes, family relationship changes, and major life events. Our goal is to be responsive to our clients as they complete their immigration journey, whatever twists and turns they might encounter.

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