The Aftermath of President Trump’s Immigration Policies

Since President Trump’s immigration policies became the law, immigrant communities continue to fear how the new immigration process will affect them and their families.

Although Trump’s ban was revoked recently, both undocumented and documented immigrants feel the angst of uncertainty when filing their paperwork. Across major cities throughout the USA, immigrants attempting to renew or legalize their paperwork have been denied unjustly. You can read more about it here.

Furthermore, minor incidents in the paperwork process are being scrutinized by law enforcement. Just a month ago, two Houston doctors faced the possibility of deportation and denial of visa renewal and were granted a temporary stay until the issue is resolved. This is just one of many cases affected by the strict policies imposed by the federal government. Here is the full story.

Sadly, these strict policies create tension when immigrants try to travel abroad. Airport security targets travelers from predominantly Muslim countries, as well as Latinos. Having the right visas and documentation is more important now than ever.

Nevertheless, although the current enforcement of new immigration policies has created anxiety among immigrant communities, progress is being made. As citizens become more aware of the treatment of immigrants, labor unions and civil rights groups begin to take action.

For example, US citizens across the nation have gathered together against Trump’s immigration policies to show their support to the harsh conditions placed on immigrants. Read the article in full length here.

What does this mean for you?

If you are an undocumented or even documented immigrant, you will need a good lawyer behind you during any process having to do with immigration, from filing paperwork correctly to renewing visas.

Although the new immigration policies can be daunting, immigration services will offer you relief during legal processes. By having an experienced attorney handle your case, justice can be assured. Do not forget that you have your rights.